Markee Ledge x Youngsta

Title: Terror / Industrial

Label: Artikal Music UK

Release-date: 4th of August 2017

Catalogue No: ARTKL027

Format: Vinyl & Digital

Run: 12” Vinyl – 500 copies Mastering: Precise Mastering

A. Markee Ledge x Youngsta – Terror
B. Markee Ledge x Youngsta – Industrial


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In a never-ending series of outstanding releases, J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music primes their next scorching vinyl release. Exceptionally sinister down to the core of its very sonic nature – two revered heavyweights connect for their collective debut on the UK-based A- class label. The venerated artist and producer Markee Ledge, founder of the influential electronic group Kosheen, teams up with DJ Youngsta – who’s skills yielded him both a prominent Rinse FM residency and ownership of his respected label Sentry Records. Together with J:Kenzo’s taste for quality, the triumvirate proves its worth once more, combining each of their respective experience and talents. Lighting up the dance hall, the intensity of this instalment is to deliver re-winds by keen tastemakers of underground bass music all over – spreading its terror on sound systems worldwide.

The two-track inferno is not one to tease, immediately setting the tone with gritty vocal snippets proclaiming the world’s impending doom with believable sincerity. The dynamic, industrial soundscape takes a mischievous form – accompanied by minimal and utmost effective drums. Feverishly distorted bass stabs progressively dominate the groove – tastefully immersed in echoing reverbs. ‘Terror’ culminates its guaranteed dancefloor affinity in ferocious weight – tailored with DJ’s in mind. ‘Industrial’ introduces itself with the hypnotic remains of a long-held feedback echo – setting up the stage alongside resonant stabs, coated in dissonance. Discharging a solemnly warbled break into existence, the half-time groove reveals its tremendous low-frequency content, subdueing any and all doubts as the fluid and engaging arrangement comes to life. Intricate percussive motions scatter among the scarcely instrumented track – granting each articulate element the space it deserves.


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