Track Listing

01. We Ain’t The Same ft T-Man
02. Get A Grip
03. Equippin’
04. Latched
05. Mind Games w/ Gremlinz ft T-Man
06. Cascading

A year after the release of Thelem’s highly successful ‘Haunted Harmonics’ EP on Artikal Music, both producer and imprint have joined forces again to create the long-awaited ‘We Ain’t The Same’ EP.

After their previous outing together with ‘Bring Me Down’, the latest collaboration sees Thelem and T-Man appear together on the release’s title track ‘We Ain’t The Same’. It’s a murky affair, full of toxic vocals that zigzags around with its grime-esque stabs, juggernaut basslines and stamina-filled kicks. As far as EP openers go, they don’t get much better than this.

‘Get A Grip’ is a quality production – the type we’ve come to expect from the producer. Its depth undergoes roller coaster advancements ranging from a repetitive, percussive structure to constant changes in acrid dynamics. Growls rage through the mix from a broken angle, making this swish track one of Thelem’s freshest concoctions to date.

‘Equippin’ is loaded with heavy bassline artillery and samples coming straight from the battlefield. Messy 808s combine with the producer’s depths and dynamics, while the track rumbles, oscillates and phases in frenetic fashion. It’s another perfect fit for Artikal Music. Its contagious flow, choice of sample implementations and attention-to-detail reveal ingenious sound design.

‘Latched’ renews Thelem’s artistic credentials, filling every corner of its stereo image with sturdy waves of 808 goodness, striking atrocities and a rude synth we’ve all come to recognise.  The second drop is unforgettable, revisiting the producer’s ‘Haunted Harmonics’ atmospheres. Such intelligently placed twists and turns fuel the fire, opening a portal to unlimited audial experiences.

Alongside T-Man and Toronto’s Gremlinz, ‘Mind Games’ is a half-step 170bpm roller that grooves on a higher tempo. The production recycles existing patterns with razor-sharp precision, staying true to the trio’s musicianship. T-Man’s vocals add a nasty edge to the sound to create a confident yet chaotic striker that’ll only improve with age. The collaboration also marks Artikal Music’s shift in tempos, giving the label’s fans an indication of what to expect from future material.

‘Cascading’ closes the release, and is brilliant material from one of UK’s leading bass scientists. The track ends the EP with a marvellous blowout. The producer’s renowned growl craftsmanship returns to the mix. The weight and beat on this massively constructed tune is utterly brilliant – this is another superb release from both Thelem and the Artikal Music imprint.




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